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Machine Understanding as a Service

Welcome to Logz.io! Here's a quick overview

Demystifying Kibana Searches

A short guide to Kibana searches.

Working with ELK Apps in Logz.io

Learn about Logz.io ELK Apps - a free gallery of pre-made searches, visualizations and dashboards for KIbana.

Log Analysis with Logz.io

Take a deeper look into Logz.io in this short demo of how to perform end-to-end log analyze with visualizations, alerts and more. [...]

Analyzing the Oroville Dam Spillover with the ELK Stack

How to ingest the data from the Oroville Dam incident into the ELK Stack for educational analysis. This process can be used for any public dataset.

Monitoring a Dockerized ELK Stack with Prometheus and Grafana

If you’re running ELK on Docker, it’s imperative to keep tabs on your containers. Here's how to monitor a Dockerized ELK using Prometheus and Grafana.

  • amazon xray

Taking a First Look at Amazon X-Ray

X-Ray grants visibility into the performance of deployed applications by providing traces of requests as they go through different service waypoints.

  • elk stack grafana

Using Grafana on Top of Elasticsearch

Data in Grafana dashboards can be read and analyzed more easily than with Kibana. Here's how to integrate Grafana with the ELK Stack.