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Machine Understanding as a Service

Welcome to Logz.io! Here's a quick overview

Demystifying Kibana Searches

A short guide to Kibana searches.

Working with ELK Apps in Logz.io

Learn about Logz.io ELK Apps - a free gallery of pre-made searches, visualizations and dashboards for KIbana.

Log Analysis with Logz.io

Take a deeper look into Logz.io in this short demo of how to perform end-to-end log analyze with visualizations, alerts and more. [...]

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A Machine Learning Approach to Log Analytics

Supervised machine learning is one of the most powerful tools in the data scientist's toolbox, and now the approach can be used in log analytics.

A Beginner’s Guide to Elasticsearch Plugins

Elasticsearch plugins extend the platform's functionality. Here's some basic tips and tricks from how to install them to management best practices.

Securing Elasticsearch Clusters Following the Recent Ransom Attacks

The attacks on Elasticsearch clusters are leaving indices empty and demands for bitcoin payments to recover the data. Here's how to make your data safer.

Chef vs. Puppet: Methodologies, Concepts, and Support

More companies are using configuration management tools in continuous integration strategies. Here's a comparison of two popular ones: Chef and Puppet.